Teen Cooking Class Series (4 classes)

This class is designed for teens to learn cooking, cooking techniques and tips in fours class series. Whether they are just starting out in the kitchen or is more advanced, these chef led classes will be tailored so that your child can learn and develop the lifelong skill of cooking. In this series they will learn how to make quick and nutritious meal by themselves at home or away from home. And the best part—they’ll get to eat everything they make!

Highlights of the Cooking Class

Duration: 2:00 hours
Date: Monday, 24th June – 27th June 2019

  1. Class1
    1. Apple pie panini
    2. Creame cheese & veg sandwich
    3. Mumbai grilled sandwich
    4. Potato sandwich
  2. Class 2
    1. Baked penne with spinach and ricotta cheese
    2. Fall squash curry
    3. Minestrone soup
    4. Pesto sauce
  3. Class 3
    1. Black bean salad wit avacado
    2. Farmer’s market quesadillas
    3. Mexican rice casserole
    4. Vegetarian Chilli
  4. Class 4
    1. Frankie
    2. Fresh spring rolls
    3. Pina colada parfait
    4. Stir fry noodles
    5. Vegetable pulaov

Location/Meeting place: Milpitas,CA
Language: English
Price: $300/ person (all taxes included)


  1. Above class includes all ingredients and equipment.
  2. Copies of the recipes will be provided to each student to take home.
  3. After the cooking, participants can enjoy the full meal prepared during the class.
  4. Please inform Chef of any allergies or dietary restrictions that you have at least 7 days before the class, so that we can accommodate you based on your requirement.